What we do...

We provide comprehensive flight and ground training for Beechcraft Duke owners, operators, and pilots.
If you are just kicking the tires, and thinking the Duke may be your next aircraft, we have an introductory session that might be just the right thing to help you reach an informed decision. Please read on and see below.

Our programs are insurance company approved and will meet your underwriter's requirements.

Our ground school on the Beech Duke's systems will be geared to your individual needs, whether you are an inital or recurrent candidate. The Hoffman Aviation Duke Initial Training Course handbook and guide is without equal in the industry. When you complete your training, you will have in your possession our comprehensive manual that gives expanded descriptions of every aspect of the aircraft, including operational techniques. This is the equivalent of having your Duke Instructor on hand anytime a question comes to mind or you just want to review your understanding.

We provide hands on training for initial or recurrent requirements in the aircraft, in conjunction with the ground schools described above. There really is no other way to learn to fly the Duke than to get in and FLY IT!  
Other venues holding out for Duke training use generic flight training devices (static generic instrument panel displays) to review instrument procedures and overlay Duke specific information as their training platfrom.  Do not be fooled, there are no Duke flight simulators.

We will hone your instrument pilot skills, and understanding of weather phenomena, especially flight in icing conditions, and how these factors affect our operations, throughout your training. High Altitude Training is available in accordance with FAR 61.31(g) if needed for your certification. 

All flight training is conducted with a practial approach to "real world" situations. You will emerge from our training programs a better, safer, more confident, and competent pilot.

We provide aircraft relocation service on demand.
Upon request, we will perform on-site inspections, pre-purchase evaluation, maintenance log review, and provide a written report of our independent evaluation of aircraft condition.

There is no substitue for THE REAL DEAL!!  We are prepared to offer initial or recurrent training in your aircraft, in Jack's impeccibly maintained B-60 Duke, s/n P-421, and other Hoffman Aviation approved Beech Duke aircraft.
If you are new to the Duke, or a former owner/operator, we have a program just for you too!  Before you invest your hard earned money, we suggest you TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!  Spend a day or two with us, and you will go forth in the marketplace fully informed about current maintenance issues, with an understanding of how to determine if the aircraft and systems are operating on spec. We will review the Duke's awesome powerplants, the Lycoming TIO-541, critical aircraft systems, operational limitations, normal, abonormal and emergency procedures.  Then YOU will be slotted INTO THE LEFT SEAT, for hands-on flying in a PROPERLY MAINTAINED Duke that will demonstrate the remarkable performance this aircraft delivers! 
Please inquire, and...

As Bob would say: keep your airseed up!

Also, remember the three most useless things:

1. Altitude above you...
2. Runway behind you...
3. Give us a call to get no. 3 !! (If you don't already know!)